Vulnerability Assessments

The first step to securing and protecting your personnel, facilities, and assets is to conduct a thorough vulnerability assessment and risk analysis. Based on findings, security equipment, procedures, and plans can been developed, enhanced or expanded. From vessels operating in high-threat waters, to major ports and critical infrastructure around the globe, TII has conducted 100s of vulnerability assessments for both corporate and government clients.

Depending on the size of the facility, assessments can take several days up to several weeks to complete, and typically include the following:

  • Analysis of likely threat scenarios and adversary capabilities
  • Assessment of current physical security measures and force protection procedures
  • Access Control and Loss Prevention
  • Determination of the current skill level and training of security and other essential personnel
  • Identifying geographic considerations and necessary physical barriers
  • Cyber security threats and defenses
  • Recommendations for new equipment or technology upgrades and modifications.
  • Design and implementation of facility security plans (FSPs)
  • Development and conducting of training, drills, and exercises
  • Red Cell scenarios