Surveillance / Counter-Surveillance

Whether verifying activities of an individual, documenting pattern of life, or overseeing operations at a fixed location, surveillance remains one of the best ways to provide security, gather intelligence, and record evidence. TII utilizes highly trained military and law enforcement personnel, well-versed in the art of surveillance.

From static to mobile platforms, and from the air to the ground, there are very few places where our eyes can’t see – including underwater. TII can respond to surveillance requests worldwide with very short notice, incorporating state-of-the-art systems including UAVs, HD Cameras, infrared sensors.

TII has been contracted by both commercial and government organizations, with operators performing duties worldwide.

We have provided training in surveillance and counter-surveillance techniques to the US Army (101st Airborne Military Intelligence Division), the Defense Intelligence Agency, and Federal Law Enforcement units.

Training covers all aspects of surveillance and surveillance detection, catered specifically to our clients’ area of operation and type of environment. Due to our placement and access, TII can support Foreign Military Intelligence Collections requirements worldwide.