Real-time 3D Sonar

UIS (Underwater Inspection System)

The UIS™ (Underwater Inspection System) is the world’s first fully integrated 3D sonar system for specialized underwater applications in maritime security including port and harbor surveys, underwater search and evidence recovery, hull inspections, and intruder visualization and classification. The system can also be used to rapidly assess storm damage, locate sunken debris, and provide baseline mapping of critical infrastructure.

Using Echoscope 3D sonar technology to deliver precise, intuitive and instantaneous three-dimensional images, the UIS produces detailed GPS referenced underwater scans in real-time. Even the least experienced operator can undertake rapid inspections of harbor walls, bulkheads, piers, bridges, pilings and ship hulls. The system can also be utilized to inspect and clear shipping channels and to image and classify divers and underwater vehicles.

Complete with a rugged and easily deployed vessel pole mount, the UIS is being used by law enforcement agencies, Military organizations and port security teams as a means to have fast access to high definition subsea data for real-time decision making purposes.