News & Media

October 2016

TII provides Situational Awareness and Predictive Analysis training to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) in Toronto.

September 2016

TII principal to commence orders at CENTCOM Headquarters supporting DIA mission objectives.

August 2016

TII to provide Situational Awareness and Predictive Analysis (SAPA) training to members of the Canadian Armed Forces. Training will be conducted at the Albany Club, Toronto, Canada, from October 5-7, 2016.

August 2016

TII is awarded a contract by Florida Hospital DeLand to provide Active Shooter Training to over 200 hospital staff members. Training was conducted over a two day period and included both classroom instruction, and live drills.

August 2016

TII provides Situational Awareness and Predictive Analysis (SAPA) training to members of the Caribbean Shipping Association in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Training was provided to nearly 30 students representing Port Authorities, Shipping Companies, and Logistics firms throughout the Caribbean.

June 2016

TII conducts a vulnerability assessment and risk analysis for Lyford Cay, New Providence, Bahamas.

April 2016

TII is awarded a contract by Florida Hospital DeLand to provide a vulnerability assessment and risk analysis.

March 2016

TII is requested by the Metropolitan Police / Scotland Yard to attend a law enforcement forum in London which presents new counter-terrorism methods and technologies.

February 2016

TII is invited to provide a demonstration of its ProHawk video enhancement technology to the US Secret Service and Department of State representatives in Washington, DC.

October 2015

TII is invited by the Navy Research Lab to provide Nanotechnology treated materials for evaluation at the Navy’s anti-corrosion lab in Key West.

October 2015

TII conducts training on Situational Awareness and Predictive Profiling in Toronto, Canada.

September 2015

TII is requested to provide technicians and instructors for the MK-18 Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (UUV) to conduct minehunting operations in support of US Navy, 5th Fleet, Bahrain.

September 2015

TII teams with the National Security Task Force to provide Situational Awareness and Counter-Terrorism training to community leaders and first responders at conferences nationwide.

August 2015

TII is invited to present information on Marina and Port Security operations at the Maritime Security Caribbean conference, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

July 2015

TII conducts a Facility Security Assessment for Albany Marina, New Province, Bahamas. Albany was rated as the Bahamas most exclusive resort by Forbes Magazine.

June 2015

TII performs executive protection for businessmen traveling to Mexico City, Mexico.

January 2015

TII opens a branch office in Nassau, Bahamas, to support Maritime Security and Executive Protection operations throughout the Caribbean.

October 2014

TII is invited to speak at the Maritime Security Caribbean Conference, Nassau, Bahamas.

August 2013

TII principal receives orders to US Central Command Headquarters, Tampa, FL. LT Dave Robinson performs as the Operations Officer for the Intelligence Fusion Cell during the Syria Crisis and ISIS in Iraq.

February 2013

TII principal receives orders as the N2 (Intelligence Directorate) for CTF-151, conducting counter-piracy operations off the coast of Somalia aboard the USS Farragut, DDG-99.

January 2013

TII launches the Tactical Innovations Office (TIO) to represent new and emerging technologies in the Government and DoD space, including SOCOM, ONR, and the Intelligence Community. Areas of interest include ISR platforms and sensors, acoustic imaging, nanotechnology, neuroscience, augmented reality, and biotechnology.

August 2012

TII designs the world’s first Armed Vessel Security Officer course in response to real world piracy threats and international maritime organization demands.

February 2012

TII President and Navy reservist Dave Robinson receives orders to the Pentagon as SOCOM Liaison Officer for the Navy Irregular Warfare Office (N53) Innovations Branch.

January 2012

TII sends an envoy to Accra, Ghana to meet with US Embassy representatives, Ghana Port Authority, the Ghana National Gas Company, and the Kofi Annan Peacekeeping Training Center to discuss issues related to anti-piracy and maritime security efforts in West Africa.

December 2011

TII becomes a Signatory Company of the International Code of Conduct for Private Security service providers.

October 2011

TII trains the Port of New Orleans Harbor Police, Department of Homeland Security, and US Coast Guard Sector New Orleans in counter-terrorism, underwater IED detection, and evidence recovery.

August 2011

APL Maritime, LTD awards TII a contract to conduct vulnerability assessments on nine SUEZMAX vessels.

July 2011

TII trains the FBI’s Underwater Search and Evidence Recovery Team in emergency response using state-of-the-art 3D Sonar Technology. Training was conducted near Quantico, VA.