Nanotechnology, the manipulation of matter at the atomic and molecular scale, is fundamentally changing the world’s approach to critical problems. Unfortunately, the potential for nanotechnology has been limited by the inability to produce safe nano material in useful quantities–until now.

TII represents a patented nanotechnology called AttostatTM, which has real world applications in Biomedical, Energy, Textiles, Agriculture, and Anti-Corrosion. Attostat has developed one-of-a-kind technology for producing effective, safe, and scalable nano solutions that use Attostat Particles.

Anti-Corrosion Applications: This revolutionary material can be safely applied to fight the ubiquitous corrosion problem. Imagine the readiness impact if ships and aircraft did not rust. Consider the societal impact of safer bridges and infrastructure. TII is currently working with the Navy Research Lab to test Attostat nanomaterial in a saltwater spray environment.

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