Maritime Security

Featured on CNN, our Maritime Security Division has provided security surveys of ports, harbors, and critical infrastructure, providing training to numerous Law Enforcement agencies nationwide including the US Coast Guard, Boston PD, Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, and the FBI’s Underwater Search and Evidence Recovery Team.

TII provides port and vessel vulnerability assessments, technology consulting, and security training to clients ranging from oil companies in the Gulf of Guinea to merchant vessels in the Gulf of Aden. TII offers a wide array of customized training programs and maritime security services, working closely with the US Coast Guard, Ports, Private Marinas, and identified Critical Infrastructure.

Gaining from the combined experience of former US Naval Special Warfare, Naval Intelligence, and US Coast Guard personnel, our clients are provided with holistic, cost-effective security solutions, and the most professional conduct in the industry. Maritime Security services also apply to motor vessels and sailing yachts, with full time vessel security teams available.

TII can further perform underwater security, evidence recovery, and dive operations. Utilizing the Echoscope 3D sonar system, TII can provide port security surveys including inspections of piers, hulls, and harbor walls. We have worked extensively with Port Authorities, First Responders, and the US Coast Guard, during such high-profile events as the Deep Water Horizon oil spill, Hurricane Katrina, and the Minnesota Bridge Collapse.