Critical Infrastructure

TII has provided security planning, assessments, and training for identified critical infrastructure ranging from ports to hospitals to nuclear power plants. We work closely with DHS, FEMA, the Department of Transportation, law enforcement agencies, and first responders to ensure our nation’s critical infrastructure maintains the highest levels of preparedness.


Services include identifying and implementing cost-effective security technologies, developing and running live drills and exercises, and ensuring compliance with best management practices, and federal regulations and standards including OSHA and ISPS Codes.


During the Somalia Piracy Threat, TII was hand-picked by the US Coast Guard headquarters in Washington, DC to help develop guidance for the International Maritime Organization (IMO) on the integration of armed security teams aboard commercial vessels.


We have supported security requirements and emergency response operations after major disasters including Hurricane Katrina and Deep Water Horizon, and have written intelligence estimates and defensive plans for such high threat targets as the Baghdad International Airport.